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Zebra Psych

Raising awareness and understanding of energy limiting chronic illness

ZebraPsych uses my own experience as a patient and practitioner to connect with a wider audience. ZebraPsych has been established with the hope of creating change for patients, through improved understanding of the complexities of energy limiting chronic illness.

Louise Kenward

DHSC update on ME/CFS Delivery Plan

This is a copy of the latest Department of Health and Social Care progress on the Delivery Plan for ME/CFS. This information has been shared with Stakeholders, for public dissemination. I shall update links shortly (this is a screen shot of the pdf document, hence highlighted text is not linked…

Long Covid in context

With thanks to the Division of Clinical Psychology, British Psychological Society, for inviting me to speak at today’s Long Covid Symposium. Thanks also to Annette Schlosser for chairing. I enclose a transcript below. Author’s note & bio: Louise Kenward is a Psychologist, Writer and Artist. Louise worked for nearly twenty…

Long Covid: reflections on post-viral illness

Long Covid: Reflections on post-viral illness. Implications for patients and psychologists working with them. This post has been prepared at the invitation of the Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP, a Division of the British Psychological Society, or BPS). The full Covid-19 Bulletin on Long Covid can be accessed on the…


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About ZebraPsych

Established and run by Louise Kenward, you can read more about the background to the project here:

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